Thursday, May 23, 2013

Choose the right shoes

Wondered why celebrities always look stylish? Typically, they have a personal shopper or stylist. To find the right outfit, starting from the moment you choose clothes and shopping.

Gail Ambeau, a home stylist Mississippi, USA, tells what is so the main thing when shopping. Sure to be a more effective fashion spending, saving and 'library' the more complete your outfit.

1. Find the right high heel shoes
This must-have. Comfort so the main thing, so when buying try walking a few steps. Make sure the foot does not feel sore and shoes fit in the toe looks stuck. Note the soles and arches area, this greatly affects the comfort and shape. For those of you who do not really like, just select the model of kitten heels.

"Always wear heels though small in size," said Ambeau.

2. Tops made ​​an ideal form
With the right employer, you can make an impression ideal body shape. If you have wide hips, to make it look smaller select models wrap or wrap tops. Do not hesitate to try several sizes and models.

3. shapewear
Now more and more shape wear options that do not 'punish' breathing. You can still move and breath comfortably, but still highlight the curve of the body. It takes a long time to find the right shapewear. Both in terms of style, price and material.

4. Stock innards basic
Black socks, white, white tank top, black, brown and short. It will be worn anytime, combined with the thin models or blazer. Choose the material is really comfortable and durable.